Solar, Energy
Storage and Green Hydrogen
Decarbonizing the world VGE designs, supports tender and procurement proceses as well as helps raising the necessary founding from different sources Discover
Advisory, Engineering,
Supply Chain and

Out of the box solutions

Project lifecycle comprehensive team

Our team is formed by highly qualified engineers in solar and battery storage systems, with more than 20 years of experience.

We support all project stages, from feasibility studies / tenders until financing closure / execution for solar and battery storage projects for developers, investors & lenders, and EPC contractors.

Our unique mix of expertise in engineering, supply chain, execution and financing, permit us looking at the projects from many angles and pay attention at all the different areas during the complete life cycle of the project. While focused on one service we do not miss the repercussion of our support in other parts or stages of the project, preventing issues and optimizing other areas.


We Create Awesome Things

VGE provides technical advisory, engineering, supply chain and financial services for solar power and battery storage projects globally.

We offer 360ᵒ services over the complete project lifecycle. Our services are tailor-made to meet the requirements at any stage of the project.

Advisory & Engineering

Feasibility studies, bidding support, energy yield assessment, owner's engineer, EPC selection, plant optimization, basic and detailed engineering

Supply Chain

Procurement process outsourcing complete or partially, global sourcing from competitive markets, suppliers qualification, China origin services


Financial model, debt sizing, debt structuring, project information preparation, founds raising, financial closure, implementation


We in the World

Covering 4 continents and more than 10 countries, our projects happened wherever our clients had a need of our services. We are used to different geographical requirements

5000MW Technical Services
300Purchase orders
200MUSD Funds raised

Working Platform

Team and geographical presence

Our team is formed by people with extensive experience in the main EPC and developers’ companies in the world as well as financial and insurance institutions. Hence at VGE we have an extensive understanding of the developer and contractors' mind set.

With our Headquarters in Madrid (Spain), we also stay close to the main markets and our Clients with our office in Dubai (UAE) as well as the main origin of the equipment used for solar and storage plants through our HEfei's office in China

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